About Us

behind the scenes at Woolly Green

We Are Woolly Green

We’re a group of people who are passionate about our planet. We’re using our writing and website-building skills to create a resource for others like us.

Our vision is to help regular people reduce their impact on the environment by tweaking their lifestyle and the products they use. We’re passionate about communicating this message to as many people as we can, as best as we can.

Recycling Tips

Every year, a huge volume of discarded items go to landfill when they could have been recycled. We’re trying to reduce that volume with our recycle guides.

Product Guides

Our guides help you choose the best green products. This way, when you do need to buy something, you can make an informed choice.

Green Tech News

The recent surge in green tech holds huge opportunities and potential for change. We love to spread the word and find out how it works.

Home & Garden

Change starts at home – whether it’s growing vegetables, keeping chickens, or reducing your energy use.

Helping You. Helping Our Planet.

We Practice What We Preach

Just like you, we’re doing our best to live our lives in a sustainable way. We’re not perfect, but we are always learning. And we like to share what we learn with you.