Green Home: How to Minimize the Environmental Impact of Your Home

A green home is a home that has been designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, using sustainable energy, sustainably-sourced furniture and furnishings, and green building materials to create a home that has a low environmental impact. This is beneficial not just to the environment, but also your health – green homes have higher indoor air quality due to less off-gassing from materials in the home.

Many homes are now built ‘green,’ but even if your home isn’t, there’s still plenty you can do to ensure your impact is as low as possible. Check out the guides below:

Sustainable Furniture for Your Green Home

Sustainable, eco-friendly furniture, is good for the planet and for you. It is built to a higher quality so it lasts longer, is made using fewer chemicals, and helps support brands that are using sustainable production practices and pay their workers a living wage.

Sustainable Material Guides

Having a sustainable home means buying products made from sustainable materials. Check out the guides below to find out if the materials you are buying are really as good for the planet as you think they are: